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Terraria is all about resource exploration, crafting, and surviving a variety of hostile opponents. Speaking of these adversaries, you could want stronger tools and equipment to beat them. Sniper Scope is a weapon accessory that increases range, damage, and the likelihood of a critical hit. You must first make this equipment before you may purchase it. Consequently, this is our instruction on how to obtain the Sniper Scope in Terraria.

In Terraria, a sniper scope

Utilizing the Rifle Scope and Destroyer Emblem at the Tinkerer’s workshop will provide you access to the Sniper Scope. You must beat the Golem in the Jungle Temple in the hard difficulty to obtain this weapon attachment.

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To make the Sniper Scope, follow these instructions:

-We need to acquire the rifle scope and destroyer emblem, as was already indicated.
-You must defeat the Skeletron Sniper in the Dungeon’s hard difficulty in order to obtain the rifle scope.

-After beating the Planetera boss, you can take on this boss.
-You can choose between a Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, or Summoner Emblem for the Destroyer Emblem.
-By eliminating the Wall of Flesh, the pre-hard mode’s last boss, you can obtain one of these Emblems.
-Only in the Underground does this boss appear, and when you take care of it, the world switches to hard mode.

-Currently, you require three crafting ingredients once you obtain an emblem. The Soul of Might, the Soul of Sight, and the Soul of Fright are these three.
-For beating the Destroyer boss, you can receive the Soul of Might as a dropped prize. The Lepus boss can also be defeated for a sporadic chance to obtain it.

-You must take down The Twins’ leader in order to obtain the Soul of Sight. At night, they can be called by using a Mechanical Eye.
-Additionally, there is a 10% chance that they will spontaneously sprout once a Demon or Crimson Altar is destroyed.
Retinazer and Spazmatism, two flying entities tied to one another, are the hard difficulty bosses.

-Finally, you can obtain the Soul of Fright by eliminating the Skeletron Prime.
-This boss can be called by using a Mechanical Eye at night, just like the previous boss.
-If the Demon or Crimson Altars are destroyed, there is also a 10% chance that Skeletron Prime may spontaneously appear.
-Go to the Tinkerer’s workshop once you acquire the Soul of Might, Soul of Sight, and Soul of Fright.

-To obtain the Avenger Emblem, you must combine all three.
-To make Destroyer Emblem, we now need one more crafting component.
-As previously mentioned, you must vanquish the Golem at the Jungle temple.
-When defeated, he has a 14.29 percent chance of dropping the Eye of Golem.
-To create the Destroyer Emblem, you must combine the Eye of Golem and the Avenger Emblem.
-To create the Sniper Scope, bring the Rifle Scope and the Destroyer Emblem to the Tinkerer’s workshop.

Using a Sniper Scope

The Sniper scope is compatible with weapons that fire stakes, candy corn, or bullets as ammunition.
It will increase your range and enable you to engage in long-range combat.

Additionally, it will raise your damage by 10% and your probability of getting a critical strike by 10%.

That concludes our discussion of Terraria’s Sniper Scope. Check out our other guides if you enjoyed this one.

People also ask

How does Sniper Scope Terraria work?
The Sniper Scope is a Hardmode, post-Golem equipment that increases critical strike probability by 10% and ranged damage by 10%. Additionally, it allows you to extend your field of vision when holding a bullet-firing weapon by moving the cursor while pressing and holding the Open/Activate key.
Do sniper scopes extend the distance?
The standard range increment for small arms is increased by a scope to 1-1/2 times the specified range for this purpose. The increase is four times the standard range increment for longarms and heavy weapons. The increase for sniper weapons is twice as large as the sniper special property’s range increment.
How are binoculars used in Terraria?
Holding the binoculars allows the player to change their view dependent on where their cursor is located. They need to be added to the hotbar and chosen. The character is scrolled a short distance away from in the screen view while being highlighted in the hotbar and following the mouse cursor.

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