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Valor Legends: Idle RPG is one of the newest and finest role-playing games, featuring many adorable and well-known heroes. To conquer difficult conflicts, you will need to command your characters’ individual abilities and skills. People, you will establish your own kingdom and team to battle all adversaries in order to obtain priceless riches. Players can explore the game’s fascinating adventure levels and numerous game modes.

Valor Legends: Idle RPG


has over 70 heroes from five different factions that you may acquire and use to create your own fighting formation. Simultaneously, you must level up heroes and train them to become the ultimate knights. You only need to set up the formation and click for the heroes to automatically defeat the opponent. When you are inactive, Heroes will impersonate you in order to gain benefits or incentives from the game.



With a large array of heroes to acquire, including Liv, Sinclair, Margaret, Gisela, Catarina, Sota, Sellier, and others, everyone of these characters have their own qualities and come with the best fighting skills, providing players with fantastic feelings.

Valor Legends: Idle RPG


You will combat all of the wicked adversaries by constructing your own hero squad. As a result, you will be exposed to a wide range of game types while gaining the necessary technical knowledge to become an expert driver. Includes game modes such as Realms of Tales, Mysterious Realms, Land of Departure, Endless Trial, and many more interesting modes that provide you with exceptional functionality to enjoy. Furthermore, players will encounter numerous problems when participating in events and attempting to accomplish them in order to obtain preferential benefits and form a better squad in order to receive more incentives.

Valor Legends: Idle RPG


Valor Legends: Idle RPG features a gorgeous cartoon-style battle setting. You will assemble your own squad to take on the opponent and ascend to the top of the leaderboard. Furthermore, the specialised and thorough 44 grid map allows you to readily improve the overall defensive and offensive formations. You can use these two formations to challenge any attacker who hits you, allowing you to gain additional bonus points.


The characters in the game and the gaming environment are developed in adorable and snappy cartoon styles with superb animations. This, together with some dynamic and appealing sound effects, will impress gamers right away. This slick presence will aid players in having the greatest experience possible.

Valor Legends: Idle RPG


To progress through the levels, the player must devise his own plan and comprehend the demands of the conflict. Controlling the battle character necessitates mastery skills in order to transform your heroes into great troops. However, the most crucial aspect of the game is that you must concentrate on fight strategy.


Valor Legends: Idle RPG

Upgrade further levels to uncover new items and challenge yourself. All of this will ensure that the necessary game components are in place to provide you with the most enticing features. The addition of new levels improves the overall experience and visibility for gamers.


A hero’s collection of over 70 heroes from five different factions awaits you. Build your team and level up your heroes to make them the best.
Idle and uncomplicated gameplay allows you to relax and enjoy yourself more. You only need to form your own squad, and the heroes will fight the enemy and collect the bonus for you.

idle and simple gameplay allows you to spend more time relaxing and experiencing. You only need to form your own squad, and the heroes will fight the enemy and collect the bonus for you.
Easy strategy gameplay: deploy your heroes through tactical fights and simple on-screen swipes, making the game more approachable.
Endless journeys in Oasis to combat the forces of darkness and uncover the enigmatic truth behind Oasis. Explore the strange realm alongside thousands of other players from across the world.
Level up the game to gain more experience, sharpen your observation, add endless fun to new events, and compete with other players

Users show Experience

  • Good graphics, interesting gameplay, and a well-designed character. The disadvantages are a lousy UI/UX, a bad timetable, a bad community approach, inactive social media, and a low player count/dead server. Keep an eye out for microtransactions; many offers aren’t worth it…
  • Nothing noteworthy. If you’re a free-to-play player, this and every other game in its genre have the same drawbacks. There isn’t enough of one material to level up heroes, and it’s a luck of the draw for dup heroes to level up. However, the graphics are excellent. There was no slowness or connectivity concerns. There are no advertisements. It was simply bored.
  • As previous reviews have stated, this is a brilliant example of the genre in terms of gameplay, and it’s a lot of fun, but when that pay wall comes down, it comes down hard. Unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money, progress comes to a halt. Even monthly packs are insufficient to allow you to progress at a reasonable rate, and you’ll require…
  • This is a really fascinating game, and it does have one of the mentioned game options. You are always rewarded for something in the game. There are numerous game modes to choose from. The store is reasonably priced.

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