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Demonstrate your leadership to get the title of “Crowning Glory!” Reclaim territory, cultivate crops, preside over trials, and engage in Viking-style combat alongside warriors! VIKINGARD is a game that no true Norseman should miss, with fully formed characters, captivating tales, and dynamic gameplay that is both exciting and casual.

Prepare for your epic Viking adventure!

Gameplay Elements

-Collect hersirs and use them to your advantage on the battlefield!
Hundreds of high-quality animated heroes are at your disposal, including valiant Viking warriors and courageous Valkyries. With level, aptitude, weapon, and other stats upgradeable, spend your resources to your favourite heros and help them top the leaderboards!

Explore the enormous universe by embarking on voyages!
From Scandinavia, go deep into continental Europe to write your tale! A fantastic journey awaits! Deal with various challenges on your path with caution, as your decisions have consequences.

-Join an alliance and compete in strategic Alliance Clash!
Is it ice or fire? Choose your religion! Join or form a coalition in the name of the Nordic gods. Contribute to the alliance’s growth, assemble allies and troops to confront opponents in a ferocious Clash, and finally lead your alliance to triumph and glory!

Make romantic tales and raise your heirs!
Travel around the world and meet new people! Give them gifts, take them on dates, and enjoy more romantic moments! Train your successors and appoint hersirs to coach them. Allow them to be your capable battlefield assistant!

-Raise your dogs to be your companions in life and combat!
Should you play or train? How will you care for your small pets? Allow these cuddly friends to be the most powerful force in your tribe’s defence!

Every day brings a unique experience thanks to the varied gameplay and events!
Say no to mind-numbing video games! Have fun with gamers from all servers in the Mead Hall. Participate in Viking-themed mini-games and make wonderful new pals!

Vikingard, a new RPG sim lets players take on the role of a might Viking from ancient Scandinavia, is now available for iOS and Android

  • Excellent application. This game is quite entertaining! In some circumstances, text bubbles fade too quickly, making it difficult to read. For example, if you haven’t unlocked a specific feature and want to click the locked option, the text bubble containing the prerequisites vanishes…
  • This is a solid take on the genre that is well-executed and does not appear to be a cash grab.
  • Vikingard adds a unique twist to the standard duties, making it appear new and unique.
  • improved graphics and interface


Vikingard, a new RPG sim lets players take on the role of a might Viking from ancient Scandinavia, is now available for iOS and Android | Pocket Gamer

Vikingard is the game for you if you’ve ever wanted to go on an epic Viking expedition. This casual RPG set in the freezing wastelands of Scandinavia challenges you to demonstrate your leadership in the chase of crowning glory. As you raise crops, embark on adventures, and form alliances, you’ll encounter a slew of intriguing people, compelling tales, and dynamic gameplay. Odin is calling – and he doesn’t leave voicemails, so you should answer.

But even Vikings want assistance from time to time, and our Vikingard codes provide exactly that. With tonnes of wonderful things to help you on your quest, like gold, materials, and vouchers, you’ll definitely start your expedition on the proper fur-cuffed foot. We update this guide when new codes become available, so make sure to come back from time to time for more Vikingard goodies.

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Codes in use:

Viking0308 – unrestricted in-game items

Codes that have expired:

vikingard0321 \sHAPPY2022


Vikingard - Official Announcement Trailer - YouTube


Vikingard coupons are freebies provided by the game’s designers, NetEase, to aid you in your epic journey. They’re likely to come in handy for any aspiring Viking, with a variety of useful items ranging from crafting materials to lots of currency to keep you afloat. We don’t have a definite release date, but we keep a hunter’s eye out for any fresh Vikingard codes, so bookmark this page and come back later.



Redeeming your Vikingard coupons is a simple process. Simply take these simple instructions.

  • Vikingard will be launched.
  • Go to the settings menu
  • Click the ‘Gift Code’ button.
  • Enter your Vikingard code here.
  • Hit the confirm button and enjoy your prizes!


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