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A wise man once said that the battlefield is alive. Topography is constantly shifting due to fresh construction operations as well as explosives. That is why you must constantly have the most up-to-date information about your battlefield. For example, what changes have been made to the Caldera map in Call of Duty: Warzone season 4?

What Are the Caldera Map Changes in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4?

First and foremost, much of the vegetation on the Caldera map has been cleaned out to make way for the new Storage Town region. Storage Town is an older Warzone POI that has returned to Caldera, and everything you remember has returned: the enormous water tower, the lines of storage units, and the central building. The Storage Town, on the other hand, is situated on the slope of a hill, which can provide some fresh and interesting lines of sight.

Warzone Season 4
Warzone Season 4

Second, an armoured SUV is now available on Caldera. Drive in style, comfort, and, most importantly, safety! The Armoured SUV has a pop-out gunner seat with a Heavy Machine Gun in addition to the driver and two passenger seats. The driver can also use the Nitro Boost for speedy escapes or pursuits.

Third, some existing landmarks and points of interest (POIs) have been adjusted and updated. Many of the heavier woodland sections have been trimmed out, resulting in reduced cover, but new campsites have taken their place. The island’s seven bunkers are now Mercenary-controlled, and entry requires Key Cards. Crack one open for a variety of high-quality treasure.

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Finally, minor changes have been made to the majority of the island’s key areas:

Rooftop scaffolding is now available in the Capital.
The Dig Site has been cleared of skulls and bones.
The Arsenal drydock is home to a ship.
New stairwells at the summit
North of the Peak, a new industrial sector has been developed.
East of the Summit, a new military camp has been established.
Dried riverbeds near the Gondola Station
Water has receded near the Docks.

The Fields’ dried pool
Rivers that have dried up near the Radio Station and Factory
Dry watercourse near the village
This update is already live and available for viewing. If you need any additional information or gameplay tips, be sure to visit our Call of Duty area!

People also ask

What do the yellow circles on Caldera represent?

When you enter Warzone during Season 2 and view your map, you’ll notice some yellow circles on your otherwise immaculate atlas of the island. These mark the locations of various bunkers scattered over the globe, which you can fly towards and enter at your own risk.

Will the Pacific take the place of Verdansk?

That’s why the COD Warzone Pacific map, which will finally deliver a brand-new, large-scale alternative for Verdansk, is so important. For nearly two years, players have laboured throughout Verdansk, a terrain based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from 2019.

What is the name of the Call of Duty Warzone map?

Warzone Season 4
Warzone Season 4

Verdansk Atlas Tac Map Verdansk is a big place that necessitates a thorough examination of every single point on the Tac Map. Over 400 Points of Interest (POIs) are marked, ranging from the massive to the frequently neglected.

Are there Cold War-era weapons in Caldera?

Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons are still available. Indeed, Cold War weaponry are more effective on Caldera than Vanguard weapons, according to CoD expert JGOD, and he explains why.


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