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Here are the 10 things that you should do in gta 5 story mode

  1. Complete the first heist with Lester – your very first job is to help Lester with a heist, and doing so will net you a tidy sum of money. You can find Lester hanging out near Franklin’s house in Strawberry.
  2. Help Trevor take over the drug trade in Blaine County – Trevor is always looking for new opportunities to make money, and taking over the drug trade in Blaine County is one way to do just that. Head to Sandy Shores to get started.
  3. Steal some cars for Simeon Yetarian – Simeon is a car salesman who’s always looking for new inventory, and he’s willing to pay good money for stolen cars. You can find him at his dealership in Los Santos.
  4. Complete the jewel store heist – this heist will net you a huge payday, but it’s not going to be easy. You’ll need to have a few things in place before you can even start, so make sure you’re prepared before attempting this one.
  5. Pull off a daring escape from the police – the police are always going to be after you in GTA 5, so you might as well make things interesting and try to escape from them. This is easier said than done, but it’s definitely possible if you’re smart about it.
  6. Steal a jet from the military base – if you’re looking for a fast getaway, then stealing a jet from the military base is definitely the way to go. Just be prepared for a lot of heat once you’re in the air.
  7. Hack into a secure system – there are a number of different systems that you can hack into in GTA 5, and doing so can net you some serious rewards. Just be careful that you don’t get caught, as the consequences can be severe.
  8. Rob a bank – this is one of the most lucrative things that you can do in GTA 5, but it’s also one of the most risky. Make sure you have a good escape plan before attempting this one.
  9. Assassinate a target – there are a number of different people that you can assassinate for various reasons in GTA 5, and doing so can be quite profitable. Just be aware that the police will be after you if you’re not careful.
  10. Get away from the law – at some point, the law is going to catch up to you in GTA 5. When that happens, you’re going to need to be prepared to make a quick getaway. Have a fast car and a good escape route ready, and you should be able to shake the cops easily.

So while playing gta 5 you can consider the things that have been mentioned above to play and win in the game.


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