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Location of Water Purifier Plans

There are 3 water purifiers and you can find the cache of the camp overseer at Camp McClintock, which contains the blueprints for the industrial water purifier. In the overseer’s cache, just inside the doors of the Charleston Capitol DMV, you’ll find the blueprints for constructing the standard water purifier.

How to Get water in Fallout 76

Using a Water Purifier is one of the best ways to obtain water in Fallout 76. Small, regular, and industrial Water Purifiers can be constructed in your base. To help you quench your thirst, each of these devices can produce a certain amount of clean water per hour. Purification systems for water are essential in any camp, so it makes sense to acquire the necessary blueprints as soon as possible.

The blueprints for both the regular and the mini Water Purifiers are easily accessible. They are both derived from the same basic Water Purifier design. If you can locate a workshop, you can claim the blueprint early on in the game. Having enough Caps to enrol in the workshop is the only real prerequisite.

You will receive the Water Purifier plan at no additional cost after attending your first workshop, which typically costs 25 Caps. Two or three gallons of purified water can be obtained from one of these water purifiers per hour. The smaller one, which can be constructed directly on the floor, is ideal for novices. Every one of the others can’t survive without a steady supply of water.

Where to Find Blueprints for Large-Scale Water Treatment Plants

The ultimate, industrial-grade water purifier in the game is quite massive. The blueprint for this water-based purifier is trickier to come by than that of the more compact variety. After reaching level 30, you will unlock access to the blueprint for the Industrial Water Purifier. When you reach level 30, you can buy the Water Purifier blueprints from the Responders Vendor in Whitespring Resort for about 200 Caps.


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