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One of the unusual artefacts you may have heard about while playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the Offering Bowl. Many players are unsure of how to use it or how it operates. However, you can acquire it quite early in your playthrough and it is actually a highly helpful equipment. Check out this tutorial to learn more about the Offering bowl’s functionality, location, and application in Midnight Suns.

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How Midnight Suns’ Offering Bowl Functions

You can utilise goods from the Offering Bowl and swap them for Arcane Keys to make it operate. You merely need to interact with the Offering Bowl, put something in it, then say the appropriate Word of Power. This will provide you with the arcane keys required to open the game’s arcane chests. Here’s what you need to do in case you don’t know exactly where to look for it or how to utilise it:

Where in Midnight Suns Can I Find the Offering Bowl?

The Offering Bowl is located on Agatha’s Altar in Midnight Suns.

marvels midnight suns how offering bowl works


Visit Abbey’s library. To get there, you must go to the southwest. If you’ve been there before, you could also get there quickly.
Then, locate Agatha Harkness and speak with her.
She will explain the Offering Bowl on her Altar to you.
The Offering Bowl is located there; just go there.

Using the Offering Bowl
The Offering Bowl is only usable at night.

Visit the location noted above.
There are two choices available when you are close to the bowl.
Choose Location Item
Employ Place Item.
following the insertion of your item. Make use of the magic word, reveal.
It will take your item in return for an arcane key.
You can also try the other 3 Power Words in the game if that doesn’t work.

That concludes my explanation of the Offering Bowl’s functionality, location, and use in Midnight Suns.


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