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In this guide we will give you YBA map roblox locations so lets begin with bus stops and having npc can give you access to this teleports.

Locations in the NEW YBA MAP
Locations in the NEW YBA MAP

Merchant is here for item selling, but now you can not pick these displayed items. A tea shop is spotted further down the road. Pluck merchants can be spotted in the area near the park.

The pizza place is located up the road. Starting from the prisoner bridge, a magnificent area is spotted behind you, which is a new castle.

Right here is the accessory store. Right here is the spec resetter. Hamon can be bought from the right of the TP point at the fountain. Jesus spawn point is spotted right here. The sewer entrance is also located here. Behind the iron fence is also a sewer entrance.

Third and last, Jesus spawn is also here at right. Now starting from the parking lot, deo killing is also spotted. The sewer entrance is located at the front of TP.

A train station prestige person is also spotted. Another sewer entrance is also across the train station. Another sewerage entrance is also present on the left side of the TP point. Dracula is also located at sewerage. The vampire bar looks perfect. Vamprision is also found there.

Locations in the NEW YBA MAP
Locations in the NEW YBA MAP

Where does YBA occur?

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is set in Naples, Part 5 is where the Map of YBA is taken from.

In YBA, where is Zeppelin?

When you enter the sewers, you can find Zeppeli, an NPC. He will assign you a mission to eliminate three vampires. If you are a vampire, you will be instantaneously killed by him.

Where is Giorno located in YBA?

He appears as four separate NPCs across the landscape at the beginning of the narrative. The Naples Train Station, the corrupt police officer park, a balcony outside of town, and the top of a sizable building where Diavolo is located are the places where he can be found in that sequence (for the final quest)


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