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Many Roblox gamers who use Twitter are learning about giveaways that guarantee 7000 (or more) free Robux in their accounts. Is it a legitimate, safe, and reliable method of earning Robux, or is it a scam? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Is the Twitter Giveaway of 7000 Robux safe and legal?

Can You Get 7000 Robux Via Twitter Giveaway? - Esajaelina

The first thing Roblox users should look at is the validity of the account that is posting the offer. The free Robux offer on Twitter can only be legitimate if it is shared by the official Roblox account or by an influencer who is directly linked with Roblox. It’s preferable not to trust it if it’s neither. The mentioned influencer must be verified, and the giveaway must be acknowledged on the official account as well. When all of these boxes are ticked, you may be confident that you will receive the Robux if you win.

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free robux
free robux

Remember not to share your account information, including your password, with anybody.  If they take over your Roblox account, you will lose all of your progress and everything linked with it, so be cautious.

Robux can only be sold, traded, or given away through official Roblox means, according to the Terms of Service. It states, “We do not recognise or condone the use of any third-party services to sell, trade, transfer, or otherwise dispose of Robux.” We take no responsibility for such transactions and will not support them.”

free robux
free robux

So, that’s everything you need to know about which free Robux offers to trust and which to avoid on Twitter. Check out our connected guides here if you want to get some in-game freebies for Roblox games.

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